okay, so after taking so many pictures on the first half of the honeymoon i layed off it for the rest, so here is a sort sum-up! the last days involved a day in Malmö, going to the moivies, visiting Glyptoteket, talking long walks and eating delicious brunches! mm.

> Lynn & Horst: Oh, you should have been there!
> Emma: The shirt is authentic icelandic from when we lived there -and really really hot!
> Maria: Both the animals and the food was delicious! i want more!! i can't figure out what the cabbage thing is! i tried looking at their website, but nothing!
> Lisen: ...a fat stina.... HA! Well actually he did find the tiger, but he was sleeping! under a rock! in the rain! -a bit boring :)
> Brita: Im jealous too! i want one more!


Famapa said...

wow, what a joy to come over here and see all of this! I tagged you today, come on over and check it out! have a lovely weekend!

(adykilit - my word verification, sounds like an old woman screaming to her husband: "ady! kill it!" about a spider that has found it's way into the bathroom)

when skies are grey said...

Ha! I just love the bear silhouette in the "Don't drop your kid over the edge into the bear pit" sign. Cool pics here, as usual :)

joanne said...

haha i love that first one... "do not shove your child into the pit when his or her back is against you. a strange bear with human hands will attack."

on a completely different note, i tagged you on my blog! :)

emma said...

kool that you used to live at/in/on (?) iceland! for how long? in reykjavik?
good for you, not living there nowadays...

haha looove the sign on top! so nice...creature! :)

Bettina Gjødvad said...

Jeg får virkelig lyst til en tur i zoo, og tænker meget over lige nu, hvorfor gør jeg ikke det noget oftere... tror jeg vil en tur i dyrehaven på søndag... det kan måske dække lidt at lysten til at komme i zoo:) Dejlig weekend svigerinde, og TAK for en masse dejlige oplevelser herinde på bloggen...tjekker den dagligt:)