a bit too much school these day. Watching Fraiser while eating breakfast is my way of easing in to the long long day..

> Hanna: yeah its a real cute necklace -a gift from my father!
> Katrine: Det er en helt fantastisk udstilling! Som min far sagde: Alle malerier burde være så store!
> Emma: :) thank you -it really was perfect -all the fall colours. wow.
> Lisen: D is being difficult! not wanting to be photographed!
> Julia: one of the best places. One summer some years ago i worked 12 hour night shifts at a factory in Humlebæk. When i got of the train i could either turn left and go to the factory or right and go to Louisiana... so difficult to turn the right way :)
> Mieke & Veronic: She will be so glad you said so :)
> Theresa: Thank you so much! please keep visiting!
> Anne: I miss this weekend so much now that im spending all day studying and writing a paper.

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Júlía. said...

wonderful photographs. I can't decide which one I like the best!

p.s. The right way would have to be towards Louisiana!