housetour part 3 - bedroom

So that was the living room -this is the bedroom! it feels like such a luxury to have a bedroom that is not combined with some other function -office or what ever. Its just for sleeping! ahh.. All the flags are from our wedding and im so happy to be reminded of that day all the time. The empty wall above the bed is actually not empty at all any more! photos of this will come later... P.s. -can you spot: A: which clothes are D's and which is mine? -neat stacks vs. a mess in a box. B: the beloved fox pullover?

> Niller: meget poetisk portræt af vores entre! tak for det!
> Hanna: Thank you. That set up is fairly new and i like it alot too!
> Anne: Thanks! The counting monkey we bought in Reykjavik in this great shop called Frida Frænka! I only notice now that he has lost one of his numbers! 9 is a bigger number than nothing for sure!
> Mieke & Veronik: Thank you. it feels like home.
> Lynn & Horst: YES! anytime - anyplace! i will be there!
> Schanett: Thank you. Those kinda of floors and windows are so common in Copenhagen that you forget how privileged you are! i do love this style too.
> Lisen: I guess i doooo like the floors! of course! but they are very uneven in colour that we seriously plan to paint them all white... The big floorpillow is ofcourse Rufus' -i made it for him this summer and we keep spare blankets and pillows inside. But actually Rufus doesn't really like it! ungrateful dog!
> Katrine: Thanks for your nice comment. it sounds really weird with blogger! hope you sort it out! The little animal on the tv is a guinea pig! We got him at IKEA actually -undercover of the fact that we were about to become uncle and aunt. We haven't passed him on to Ivan yet because he is just too soft to let go.. Maybe we should cause Rufus really wants to eat him!!
> Lena: You are very welcome! the chairs by the TV are ofcourse by the amazing Danish designer Wegner. They are actually my parents but i have loved them since i was a teenager and i am so grateful that i got to bring them with me to Copenhagen


when skies are grey said...

These house tour pics have been fun :)
I can't believe how neatly your t-shirts are stacked and I love the boxes for messy boy clothes.
(and cute weird stuffed animal over your tv!)

emily b. said...

I like seeing your house because I think it looks very similar to mine. sometimes i start to feel very inadequate what I see those crazy designed out interiors in the blogs. i like your simple style with splashes of bright colors. lovely and calm.

joanne said...

i spotted a book on charlie chaplin and another on antoni gaudi!! ahh you have an amazing library.

mado said...

i love your blog! i''ll be back soon!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, you have a lovely home. Looks like you. :) I like how there're a lot of colours but it's still not bothering. Looks very happy.

SASHA said...

love the assortment of colors in your home. and love seeing other people with buckets full of shoes as well! also, love your new blog layout.

Anne said...

Such a sweet bedroom, you guys create good balance together.
I see that gorgeous pullover: NEATly folded on the third shelf from the top by the window :)

"Infing" said...

Åhh vilket härligt hem ni har! Jag blir glad av alla fina saker!!