housetour part5 - goodbye - come again!

That was that! our little home! Thank you for visiting and saying so many kind things! I will tell you; my home is the most important place in the world to me and i love spending my time here!

> Lisen: Thank-thank-thank you!
> Schanett: Thank you so much! we are gonna stay here a few more years, but then we have to figure something out :)
> Pikaland: Yeah you are right! i always do my best work at home :)
> Carolina: so am i
> bettina: Yes! du kommenterede! hvor godt! tak for weekenden - det var så dejligt! og tak for brunch!
> Katrine: Ja han var et ret godt ikea fund -kun til en 20er! måske skulle vi finde et navn til ham -jeg tror ikke Ivan er så god til at finde på navne endnu :9
> mieke willems: its bigger than anything we have lived in before - just wish it had one or two more rooms so we could stay here even longer -at some point three rooms will be to little
> Klatschmohn: Thank you! it started with just a couple of inspirational photos and family pictures and then it crew a life on its own!
> Kaela Noel: Thank you for your sweet sweet comment! I couldn't stop smiling :) i just found your blog too! looking forward to peeking in your life.
> Kristi: you are very welcome! i like the idea the you all know where i am when i write my entries :)


sandra said...

i've enjoyed your house tour very much! your kitchen looks so cozy!

emma said...

what a wonderful tour! thank you so much for this show! LOVLEY! Really, it isn't like an everyday-thing to see this kind of nice living.

Famapa said...

yesyes, thank you! you guys have a lovely home with wonderful things in it... I esp. love your kitchen, what a happy room to come into for breakfast first thing in the morning :) if your flat was a person I'd say it was a very happy, relaxed and interesting person bursting with ideas... love it!

Hanna Åberg said...

really beautiful home. I think my favorite is the kitchen too. does not look like ikea at all ^^

Maria said...

You have a very very great looking home, it looks so happy and playful! I would so enjoy to live there:)

ps. We have the same Ikea scissors:)

Lisen said...

So fun to see the poster at your home, I think it fit in perfect :)))

Feel the same about our home, I love HOME. It's important for me to feel I love it too. And I do. I love your home too...!

Thanks for comments, Mette+D!
Wach out for snakes, say hi to Rufus from me (+Stina).

Shell said...

I've loved this tour of your house. I'm especially fond of the colourful kitchen - looks fantastic and fun!

K said...

Your place is Cuuuute!
I would so love to paint the walls with whatever I please.

one day perhaps.

Brita said...

I know I am very late with this but I thought should how much I loved your house tour. And your blog. I love visiting.

.girl ferment. said...

wow your home is wonderful.
your innate aesthetic is so appealing.
thank you for showing us.