a little colman...

on a rainy day you need a little colman... (How come i always miss his shows at V1? im out of the loop!)


cindy said...

hi mette!

thanks for the birthday-congrats from you and dennis :)

i love colman. i've got to show you something next time we meet, thats connected to him.

if you ever go to san francisco you have to visit bi-rite creamery, i had their ice-cream only twice but oh! they have lovely flavours; white chocolat with raspberry swirl, ginger, orange & cardemom and toasted coconut plus a bunch of other with chocolat and yumminess.

x, cindy.

asphaltandair said...

oh, thanks so much for the Colman link.
he's one of my favorites and i often forget to check his site for updates.
by the way, do you have any new music suggestions for me? No Kids are so good!