maleriets mestre

my parents brought with them a gift for me and D: A collection of 24 "book"s called TheMasters of Painting. It has all the great classics and is really good quality with big pictures and interesting text! can't wait to look through them all!

> Emma: I like that: YES to noses!
> Cindy: I bet you have gotten some cool colman tattoo or something??? That ice cream place! I want i want i want!
> Carolina: It ended up raining here too yesterday but now the sun is shining again! it has really been a beautiful october! we haven't even turned on the heat yet!
> Kristi: Yeah i forget to return too and then suddenly there are all sorts of great new stuff! so glad you like No kids! i will have to think up some more - with big help from D -he is the music kid in this home! And you are right about the ice cream! its good that it got a second life at least!
> Julia: Yeah and i think everybody has tried it at some point!
> Maria: That sounds so cool/funny! i wanna see pics of little Ebba and the mushrooms!!
> infing: :)
> Joanne: YEs, im afraid!
> Lisen: Thats such a funny memory! i really wonder why you said no... were you trying to be grown up? or polite? or just so sad that not even a new ice cream would help? its the worst when you and your sibling get an ice cream and then you drop yours and have to watch the other eat theirs!
> Kathrine NY: tak!


Júlía. said...

They look lovely!!

Is Munch there somewhere? He is my favorite!

mieke willems said...

great gift. its always interesting to look at the masters again!

Bifurkation said...

Awesome pictures and beautiful blog design! I prefer the Flemish primitives (van Eyck, Memling etc).