today is gonna be a busy day so im gonna leave you with some october mood. I love october! its the best month of fall -more real fall than september and slightly less killing cold than november (+less Christmas decorations!!) AND both D's and my birthday are in October! less than a week till mine!

> Lisen: Welcome home!
> Leen Vanbroekhoven: Thank you very much! im really tempted to do a little production of them to sell, but my hand is seriously crippled by carpal tunnel at the moment so it won't be for a couple of months :(
> Sandra: Thanks for the links! i don't know when we will be going, but we have been talking about going to Göteborg for a long time now
> Emma: Looking forward to reading yours! it was really strange not to put any photos with the post, but it was just so incredibly wordy in it self that i thought i was quite impressive! Maybe i should just have gone back after having written everything and summed each answer up in one word..
> Lynn&Horst: So do we!
> Anne: Yeah it is almost literally unbelievable, its so beautiful!
> Maria: You are welcome -the waking up tricked worked this morning! it was really cold and i was really tired but i just stretched and stared blank at myself in the mirror for a minute or two and i managed to resist crawling in to bed again :)
> Mieke & Veronic: Looking forward to see what you come up with! Maybe you could answer it all in photos!
> Maikki: I know! why is it so hard?
> Gracia: VERY WOW

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