im going offline till monday! i will miss you all :) -have the best week and weekend!

> all: so glad you all like them!
> Lynn&Horst: You make me blush!!
> Sandra: Rufus didn't even tell you guys got engaged!! how wonderful! what a party the wedding will be! we just have figure something out with the Danish/Swedish immigration-authorities....
> D of Montreal: it seems like it!!
> Sasha: The pink lamps are from a flea marked and the vases are from Kähler designed by Louise Campbell!


emma said...

oh... have fun! come back soon!
this looks cosy...whut are ya up to?

joanne said...

yay for extended weekends ;) hope yours is swell as well!

.girl ferment. said...

have a great weekend too!
look forward to seeing the photos.