Olafur Lego Eliasson

Ivan and i also stopped by Olafur Eliassons installation for U-Turn: A bunch of white Lego's spread out on tables that resemble the structure of copenhagen inner city -encouraging people to create their own vision of copenhagen! 3 weeks old was a bit too young to participate but it was a beautiful mess! (notice the sign in the background that says: Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity :) )

> Emma: Yeah he is likely to turn in to a very cultural young man
> DFM: Thank you so much for the link :)
> Joanne: So glad you like it! i have been using it for a while and its SO nice to have a good looking browser to match the good looking content!
> Lisen: No you haven't told me! so funny that you like it -i like swedish very much! its got so much melody! im not that good at it though cause i usually speak danish when in malmö -funny that im writing this in english! the language of the internet!
> Lea: Cool that you like it -your trip looks so good!
> Girl ferment: yeah me too! there is a really good shark one on the website!