just one more little picture of Ruf-man in action.. happy weekend all!

> Julia: Yeah i think there is -i have to put down some time looking through them all!
> Mieke Willems: Yeah i think the classical masters are great as inspiration for contemporary work!
> Joanne: I like your description very much! interior spaces can definitely ruin art as well!
> Brita: Oh thank you so much! never too late for such a nice comment! -and nothing better than new commentors!
> Bifurkation: Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for visiting! Im so glad you like it here! and i will look out for those artists!
> Sandra: Rufus brags all the time that he has an internet girlfriend in sweden! he is getting to be quite full of him self! thinking he has superpowers and stuff...


sandra said...

he's flying of happiness :) so am i! let's fly over ├Âresund ;)

sandra said... on the wiiiiiiiiings of loooooooove!

emma said...

he's so handsome!