some signs make better sense describing a state of mind than the physical world they were meant for, you know what i mean? (the sign says "entrance") all food should have as beautiful colours as this!

> Sandra: Im so happy that you like it! it is a really cosy place!
> Emma: you are too sweet! but thank you! imagine if i posted all these photos of my home and then you all hated it :)
> Famapa: Thanks! now i can't get the image of my kitchen as a person out of my head.. is it a man or a woman?
> Hanna: ha ha -i know! all the colours help alot in keeping it from being too IKEA
> Maria: You should come visit :) -you should all come visit!
> Lisen: We like the poster very much too! we have to get it frame so it will last forever! Good to hear that S is better, though it sounds unbearable for here to stay inside! Home is the best thing in the world! home is where your heart is and where your dog is!


Maria said...

Hmm, I think I know what you mean;)

Is that beetroot-soup?? if it is, it must be very good I heard!

Next time I go to Köpenhamn I'll let you know:)))

nilleren said...

great sign

joanne said...

is that sign in swedish? i think i need to start learning some basic vocabulary... i'm about 80% sure that i want to head to lund for study abroad next year! :)

Kaela said...

borscht!! i was just looking at the farmer's market last night to make that, but i don't think beets are quite in season here yet...maybe next week. it's so nice that it's finlly soup-making season. :)

yours so excellently matches its bowl. :)

sandra said...

GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN METTE! hope you're having a wonderful day!

Júlía. said...

what is this pink stuff? Looks delicous!