sweet birthday!

As i said i had the most lovely birthday -getting breakfast in bed, fabulous gifts, taking a looong walk on the beach in the fantastic sunshine and having good friends over for a fantastic meal (i say so my self even though i was the cook :). I made red wine marinaded lamb with with all sorts of great stuff such as couscous salat with baked roots of different kinds, baked cherry tomatoes, homemade pesto and humus, olive/parmasan/rocket salat AND of course a giant cake! with chocolate mousse, raspberry/blueberry cream and a layer of brownies!! mmmm...

> Maria: Yes it is my friend Jette who made this lovely beetrootsoup with lots of ginger! delicious!
> Niller: :)
> Joanne: The sign is in Danish, but swedish and danish are sort of similar. i study in sweden right now, but still live in denmark cus it only takes 30-40 min. to malmö. Lund is supposed to be a really good university and i really like the city aswell! Im so glad that you like the Oh. project! i haven't had time work on it as much as i would like -spreading the word, but the other day a mistake dropped in my inbox and i was so happy! so everybody! send me those mistakes over at oh!
> Kaela: Yes beetroot soup is the perfect soup for fall!! also carrot soup! mm..
> Sandra: Thank you! You were so fast! -i guess thats facebook :)
> Shell: Thank you so much. im so glad you liked it!
> Emma: TAK! Its so funny that grattis is happy birthday in swedish when it means for free in danish! -Oh and when is your birthday?? when i woke up yesterday i did not like 25 but by the time i went to bed i liked it alot!
> Hanna: Tak! im still eating cake!
> Anne: Thank you! birthday is the best times!
> Júlía: Tak! its beetrootsoup! -you know rødebedesuppe! its goood!
> Kathrine: Tak -we took the longest walk at amager strandpark and it was so wonderfully sunny and windy!
> Sasha: Oh Happy birthday to you too!! October IS the best month! especially when the sun shines like it did yesterday!
> Lisen: Tak -multimedia-tak! lots and lots of cake!
> Lea: JA, den eneste dag man kan take credit for vejret :)
> Famapa, Brinja, Kristi, Mieke, Veronic, : TAK -thank you!
> Infing: Im so happy you like it!
> July Star: the birthday dog was actually snagged from a google picture search!
> K: of course! one day you will get a place where you can do what ever you want! we still think about the fact that we have to sell this place at one point -so we don't paint the whole thing black and green or something -so im looking forward to when we get a place that we will keep "for ever".
> pamplemousse: Happy birthday to you!! how funny!


Kaela Noel said...

that cake looks SO GOOD. wow! did you make up the recipe/improvise yourself, or did you find the recipe somewhere? it looks so yummy. :)

in my humble opinion, scandinavia really has the best desserts. (i've only actually been to iceland, so i'm making some assumptions about the rest, but still!) cake in iceland was so yummy! not over-sweet, but always really inventive and interesting. and cake at scandinavian places here in new york has always so good too. perfect both for lovely summer evenings with friends, and dark, cozy winter nights at home...sigh. :)

joanne said...

blahh, sorry this is belated (school work gets in the way...) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) i'm glad you had a such wonderful, relaxing day - and the food looks/sounds delicious!

lisen said...

Oh my.. that looks scary tasty! :D

mieke willems said...

oh my god!!!! that CAKE!!! we want it!!!

Maria said...

GRATTIS!!!!!!!! a bit late, sorry!! So you're also born 1983! Cheers:)

I'm glad to read that you had the most wonderful day:))))
That cake looks very tasty, mmmm!!

Carolina said...

Happy belated birthday! Enjoy your 25's!
And your food looks (and sounds) so delicious! You should share this cake's recipe with your readers ;)