theatrical saturday

wonderful things I: Saturday we went with my parents to the new theatre-house in copenhagen, an amazingly beautiful building, and saw the brilliant play Darwins Testamente (Darwins will) by Jokum Rohde. When i first moved to Copenhagen i wanted to become a scenographer/set designer. I had written a big school paper on one of Jokum Rohdes plays and wrote him asking basically for a job -he offered me to work as an assistant to the scenographer, Maja Ravn, on his next play. It was an incredible experience -especially as a 19 year old girl who had just moved far from home. My whole family has a special relationship with the plays of Jokum Rohde and the dark, mystical and highly humorous worlds he creates, so i was really exited to go see this new play of his! Furthermore it was the scenographer that i worked for back then who had designed the set for this play as well. And it was such a joy! All the acting performances were brilliant, the play was clever and griping and beautiful and the set design too was effective, elegant and beautiful! fantastic. After the play we ate at the in-house restaurant and had a delicious three course meal. Ahhh.. what an evening. (pictures from the play taken from

> Claudia: Thank you so much for your comment. im glad you like it!
> Bettina: Men når bare man kan blive gammel med så meget stil som de damer, så går det nok!
> Maria: I found another photo proof -two means its proven! i will show you later
> Lisen: i read other style blogs, but this one is by far the best!
> Kathrine: Tak, jeg håber blot at jeg kan blive så cool som gammel :)
> Emma: I had not been to Skuespilhuset before i went with my parents, and its such a beautiful spot in copenhagen! i bang my self in the head for not going sooner.
> Luyi: Thank you so much for that comment! it makes me very happy!

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Hanna Åberg said...

one must love to go to the theatre. always that special feeling. I prefer the opera, though