the third day of the honeymoon we visited the animals in the zoo -in the rain- and eat delicious food at Wakamama. i haven't been to a zoo in many years and im so wondering why! i loved it! its amazing to be so close to crazy animals like the polar bears, elephants and maybe most impressive of all: the hippopotamus! wow! we were standing forever just staring at the window to the pool only seeing a few fish and then, all of a sudden three giant hippos and one small hippo-baby came running under water pass the glass! they were so amazing -coming up for air and making the wildest, loudest sound in the world. wow -and really hard to photograph. when i finally got the right camera setting they disappeared again..

> emma: yeah the shoes and the oreos goes pretty good together and a ride in the sun would be so fantastic! im just afraid the there is no more fall-sun!
> Louise: :) we only had the one beer left so it was a little.. sad.. but nice with a simple picnic
> Cindy: exactly: i was thinking i would make a cool bathroom with tiles like that sometime, but really i should be thinking of making a whole room! it was so fantastic, i still dream of it!
> Kim: Yeah it is such a fantastic idea of a hotel -and a honeymoon since you actually want to spend time in the hotelroom..
> Lisen: Blue shoooes 4 ever!
> Lea: Yeah it would be a beautiful idea maybe for our ugly hallway??
> Mieke Willems: glad you think we are over the top :)
> Sandra: it was a really good experience -both having our honeymoon here and staying at the hotel!
> Carolina: hurry, hurry!


Lynn and Horst said...

i wish i was there with you
on your little honeymoon

emma said...

wow, i like like like the mans shirt ... looks warm and cosy! a classic. And: A LOVLEY hippopotamus-ass, swimmin away!! SO CUTE!

Maria said...

LOVELY pix!! All the cute animals,,,the elephant looks like his smiling:) and the swimming away little hippo, aaaww!
The food looks so delicious, I always wonder what the green cabbage-thing is, that is a common ingredient in Asian food. Do you know?

PS. Great that you got the sweater for your man;D

Lisen said...

haha, cool hippopotau hoppitomamau..hippo-potato-mouse...well, sweet arse! Looks like a fat Stina!

haha, D looks excited to find the tiger with Yuri! :D (Did you found it??)

Brita said...

I love the polar bears! These are such great photos. I am jealous of your honeymoon...

louise said...

ÆÆlser billedet af Dennis hoved inde i manden! JEg vil meget gerne be om sådan en pap-ting til min fødselsdag, så ville jeg have det så sjovt hele tiden!

Alice said...

great pictures of the animals !!

Júlía. said...

The Polar Bears are and were always my favorite. They have black skin you know!