wow was wour weekwend?

◤this was mine! some good stuff, a little bad stuff, some general work-and-study-stuff and some really good cozy-laying-in-bed-watching-movies-stuff!◣ Today is the first sunday of advent and im a little homesick.◤ We used to kind of having the tradition to go home to my parents for this day and eat a lot of food and get a good start on December, but its really hard to keep it.◢ Im very lucky though, because my parents sent me care-package with marzipan, candles and a beautiful beautiful advent wreath my father made him self. ◥How bad a daughter am i that i have not yet photographed it so i can show it to you? i will soon! that and the beautiful advent star my parents gave me some years ago. its just like the one at my parents home◢

Famapa: Thanks, it was actually an emergency snack because i didn't have anything in the fridge for lunch :)
Lisen: Well, Rufus is actually pretty good about not stealing and waiting to eat treats till he gets the ok-order, but if he his hungry he is not to be trusted around food.
Lea: Yeah thats the thing when you don't have a dog around -you never know how many funny things are lying around.. :)
Sandra: Yeah its really pretty -once i hope to shoot him when he sticks his tongue all out. its pretty long..
Sylvester and Mama: You can tell on his ears that he is really focused! -Thank you for stopping by! im so glad you like it here!
Emma: The cutest dog in town!
Bettina: Jeg tror han tror han kan snuppe det fordi jeg sidder med kameraet :)


curious rufus

◤you can never have anything to yourself when the whippet is around◢

Brinja: Or maybe we should just accidentally delete the to do list and only do things on the fun list!!
Emma: Yeah, maybe! i have been looking for an alternative explanation for the fat thing, but still no luck
Maria: thank you! i made the name for them too! the first part, Marybell, is based partly on the child-killer Mary Bell and partly on the fact that Marybell sounds like such a sweet-girl name (and my sisters name is marie..)
Ninja Hanna: Yes they are -thank you for your sweet post about ungt blod!
(Senior): YEah, big is beautiful! -so good to hear from you and im so glad you like it!
Kaela Noel: They were real treasures! -and link all you want!
Sylvesteran: you are very welcome! thank you so much for commenting! i love hearing from readers! Keep stopping by!
Rebecca: Tak, tak, tusind tak! tak fordi du kommenterede! blive ved med det!



making art with your mobile phone - i don't have the energy right now to figure out how it works, but i really like the idea!



tykke niels

◤ D bought me these fantastic children-books from 1938 at a second-hand store the other day! They are from a series about Tykke Niels -which means FAT Niels. ◤(Not very pc -or maybe very pc??)◢ I love the cover illustrations -Niels does not look very fat though!- that were made by a danish actor Stig Lommer, but unfortunately there are no illustrations inside◥

Tas-ka: Thank you thank you so much! im a big fan you yours!
Brita: Glad im not the only one who's lists does not ad up!


things and stuff and cold

◤ i have two lists in my head: ◣ one with the things i want to spend my time doing and one with things i have to, have to do. ◢ sometimes the two lists have several things in common -good times- and other times like now, there seem to be too little in common between the two lists. ◥ Well, its probably just a question of looking at things the right way -and stop procrastinating.. ( you know you are procrastinating when the things you are doing are not even on the first list -let alone the second ) ◢

Brinja: tusind tak! fedt at du kan lide det!
Andrea: Thank you -it really was so yummy! im getting hungry every time i see the picture!
Lisen: You are so sweet! thank you! im pretty proud of the cover :) i can't wait till the postman stops by!
Steph: so silly!! like they are trying to make it tough!
Emma: This pizza is designed so you will always get hungry when you look at it -no matter how much you have eaten before!


homemade = wellmade

◢ I have been experimenting with home-made pizza a couple of times now and its been going really well!◤ i never dared to try before, because my ovens have been less than pizza-perfect.◥ But coupled with a pizza-stone i took the jump and yummy yummy yummy! ◢ its soo good and soo easy! ◤ so far my best tips are: if you have the time; prepare the dough the day before -but even if you don't have the time; Chill the dough in the fridge an hour or two before baking: makes it easier to handle. Pre-bake the crust on the hot hot pizza stone for at least 5 min. before adding tomatosause, lots of cheese and maybe some salami (don't open the oven for this period) Give the pizza enough time in the oven! let it get really golden and crispy! Add stuff like fresh basil, thyme, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rocket-salad(is that not the weirdest name in english?? in denmark we call it rucola).◥ Its such a good, quick and cheap dinner.◤ Other favourite toppings include thinly sliced parsnip or carrot or sweet potatoes.◢

Emma: You are welcome! -and welcome back! -and thank you for making such nice drawings!
Amy: thank you so much!
Hanna: :) tak!
Katrine: Tusind tak! jeg er så glad for at i kan lide det!
Joanne: Thank you so much! I will sure tell her! though she might have read it all ready!
Lea: Tusind tak! du skal se dem i virkeligheden! især LP'en er jeg glad for!
Maria: You are so sweet! thank you so much! the jellyfish are from the harbour in Malmö
Mieke Willems: Thank you so much! im so glad you like it and that you call them catchy!!
Kat G: Hvor er du sød -Tusind tak!


the more

◤ Jubii! ◢ Today i will finally show you something i have been working on for some time now!◤ Today the new album by my sisters band Marybell Katastrophy is being released!◢ Its called The More and i made the covers! and yes that is in plural!◥ The album is released both on cd and lp and i made different covers for the two formats! ◣You should really go listen to the music -im so proud of her! and a little bit of my self too :)◤ its always so wonderful to see something you have been working on for a long time on the computer in real life! ◢

Louise: YES! jeg vidste du også ville have sådan nogle! hurra for os!
Lisen: Ja, Irma is all about mao-shoes! vidste du at de hedder mao-sko?
Kristi: Thank you! at first i was annoyed that i couldn't photograph the picture, but then i realised how much better this double portrait is!
Kaela: tak tak -yeah, when i saw the first of the two winter photos i immediately remembered the second!
mieke willems: So glad you like it!



◢ just a little winter-mood from i heart photograph and pudri


◤new slippers supporting charity and bought on impulse, a really good chicken/bulgur salad, a self-portrait through a deer (or actually it looks like maybe an antelope?? -does anyone know what animal that is?) and a slogan on a wall. ◢

Katrine NY: Tak tak! og godt at du kan kommentere igen! if anybody has got trouble commenting please send me an email!
Bettina: Tak til jer begge! håber i får det hele til at virke
Mado: Thanks! they make me happy when i am sick!


sick days

◤ This is what my sick days are looking like! everyday its something new: ear then throat then chest then throat. cough, cough! today is okay though because i can actually breathe :) and the snow on the rooftops that i can see through the window is helping too!◢

Lynn&Horst: hmm... is that a compliment?? :)
Lisen: We only have a little snow on the ground now and Rufus goes C R A C Y too! he jumps and dances and plays! its so much fun! And its so cool to see that he almost likes the jacket because he can relax more!
Niller: tsch tsch tsch. you can't openly say you don't like dogs!! that is very dangerous!
A moment of...: YEah you really can't say you don't like dogs! -and thank you for liking my blog! hope you keep coming back! im danish and living in copenhagen!
Anne: Thank you so much! it is getting better!
Stride: JA han er virkelig god! god kombo af noget jeg vil kunne lide og noget han selv interesserer sig for!
Hanna: Good idea!!


1000 dogs please!

◤Rufus gave me this book for my birthday last month! its got some really brilliant photographs! like ones from 1880-1890ies of naked women and dogs! so strange - so beautiful!◢

Hanna: im not sure if rufus really feels handsome, but he likes being warm! they are promising temperatures today that will fell like -15 celcius with the wind-chill-factor!
Lea: Tak! hader halsbetændelse!
Lisen: i have been putting off making a jacket for Rufus the past two years and felt really bad about it since he is so skinny! I think the second hand store used to be UFF -i would never shop en UFF in denmark, but i don't know if it is the same people.
Mado: I want to go to Emmas tea-party!
Mieke Willems: very talented sisters for sure! its funny -i think i like the white dress best myself, but everybody else seem to like the rust-coloured one.. hmm...
Gracia: Thank you for the well wishes! i try to enjoy lying in bed, but its hard when you have trouble breathing :)
Pigeon toed: thank you! im never this lucky with second hand!