4th of 4th

i got tagged twice! once by famapa and once by joanne! the tag by famapa for seven random fact about me will have to get a bit more thought, so here is the fourth of fourth game from Joanne: Basically you have to go into the fourth (picture)folder on your computer and choose the fourth picture and share. I found it quite difficult since i don't think my archiving system is suited for this game, but i did find this fourth picture in the fourth folder in my internet-photo-research folder. The theme of the folder is robots since i some months ago got a sudden thing for old timey robots, but the robot in the picture is of course Bender from Futurama -and he is no old timey robot i tell you, being from the year 3000! This could actually be one of the random facts about me, though i do think i have mentioned this before: i know all the lines to every futurama episode ever made -and partly the first movie too (the second one was a bit of a let down, right?). When D and i lived in reykjavik there wasn't much good on tv on the one channel we were able to watch so we bought all 4 seasons of futurama and watched them repeatedly! over and over and over and over again. and for the tagging -even though its a really lame solution - think i will not tag anyone new for this, since i will have to tag 7 for the next tag game.. silly-sunday-excuse.

> Lynn&Horst: :) -actually D is a koala too! i made him a Koala suit once but i don't know where it is now.... - and the talisman drawing really is quite perfect! thanks for the link!
> Charlotte Tollstén: thank you so much! so glad you like the blog!
> Emma: OH: MY: GOD: that sounds SO perfect! now i will have to spend the rest of my life looking for such a bag!
> Joanne: I know the sign is insane! i would so like to know what the person who made it was thinking! -im sorry that im not tagging anybody new for this challenge! my sunday mind wont do it -hope you forgive me!
> Anne: yes they are. i have never seen such a little one -so young that is all white! crazy animals!
> Bettina: man kan aldrig få nok af rufus!
> mor: yep! sigrid har også lavet et flot mønster (er overrasket over at du ikke kommenterede på rufus i wegner stolen...:))


tricia of said...

HA!! my husband and i love futurama...and also know every line and scene from every show. best. show. EVER.

Carolina said...

cool! I looove Futurama! It just loses to Family Guy, my favorite :)