7 random facts

As i said, i got tagged by Famapa! for seven random facts about me. Doing this tag i realised that i think i often tell you pretty random facts about my self, so it was kind of hard to find seven new ones! but here we go (the photos are following famapas theme aswell: seven of all the many photos that does not find its way to the blog):
1 im very interested and informed about the american election, even if i have no influence and the influence on me might me minimal. i listen a lot to npr and slate podcast so i end up knowing more about american politics than danish.
2 i love sleeping. i love lying in bed and i can sleep almost no matter what. one of the things i got for my birthday was a fantastic down comforter.
3 i study rhetoric though i spend most of my free time on all things visual. often i can't work out if this dualism is healthy or crazy -or if i should have switched the two.
4 i have never lived on my own. D and i moved in together when we both left our parents home -even though we had only been a couple for two months.
5 my father is a priest and he married us this summer.
6 when i have to buy something new or start something new i research it to death on the internet. When we got Rufus i knew every thing about every dog breed and exactly why whippets were perfect. Rufus was the last puppy left at the breeder so luckily we did not get a choice there. he was a bit shy which is probably why he was left behind. thank god.
7 im very very messy! i love things and i love having all my things lying around me. i do acknowledge that our home looks good when its all clean, but from day to day, i really do not mind a mess! i thought i would grow out of this, but i have not yet.
-now for the tagging! i have to tag 7 for this one, and thats alot, but since i did not tag anyone for the last one, i better get tagging: Lea, Brinja, Maria, Sandra, Kristi, Svanna and Anne

> Tricia: Ha, ha -fantastic! Do you know that they might start it up again??
> Carolina: i never really got in to family guy, but so good to here from other Futurama fans!
> Alice: :) i must say i do not remember the last time i had smørebrød my self! not a favourite here either!
> Sandra: He did not sit on it, but he did, of course, try to eat it!
> Joanne: Yeah, they are fantastic, huge bear feet to keep me warm!
> Svanna: Ret sjovt at få en kommentar på så gammelt et indlæg -hvad lavede du dog der?? :)


Maria said...

Hey! thanks for the tag:) I'll do it tonight!

Was nice to read the facts about you! I recognize myself in some of the things you wrote, for example I'm very messy too..too have much stuff. I have gotten a little "tidier" but still A MESS:)

sweet photo of D and R!

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Sweet cat! I enjoyed the facts and think it's extra special that your dad married you and D.

lea said...

thanks for the tag! i'll get around to it tonight. fun challenge

Famapa said...

hooray! so much fun reading your facts! and the pictures are great esp. the one of rufus and D, awwwww! will you be staying up tomorrow to find out the election results? actually I think fact 2 answers that one ;)

word verification: "aquablo" which is kind of weird considering my post today!!

mieke willems said...

very nice to read! we also have been tagged by famapa, we'll do it soon too!

Lisen said...

I love that bee! And rufus running at the beach is beautiful and funny! :D

asphaltandair said...

so nice to read 7 little bits about you.
thanks for the tag!
i'm messy too!!!!

luyi said...

I love the photos.

they are warm.