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did i ever tell you about D's birthday? probably not because it was just before and just after the honeymoon and i haven't yet gotten around to photographing all the great presents.. wait a minute! just before and just after?? how can that be? well, we had a little birthday celebration the day before our honeymoon with friends, cake and a fabulous concert with Of Montreal! well, actually the concert was very mixed but it was fantastic for me since i discovered how much better i liked their music live than recorded! the performance artists on stage was another thing -mostly annoying! And then the day our honeymoon ended was D's real birthday -with just the two of us, gifts and of course cake again! i will show you some presents too because there were some pretty great ones among them.


sandra said...

woooo cake! hope rufus didn't sit on it ;)

joanne said...

don't worry about not tagging and what not, sunday is a good enough excuse! and plus, bender rocks :)

are those bear slippers i see!?

Maria said...

Happy late B-day to him:) nice cakes!

I saw Of Montreal live last summer (I think it was) and they were so great:) they also had some performers playing around on stage with crab-hands and so on..

Lisen said...

hahaha the paws!! the slippers are so funny! happy birthday D...hope it was nice! The cake was tasty, that I can see!