bridge to nowhere

◤i don't want to remind anybody of Sarah Palin -lets just forget about her now - but bridge to nowhere is the perfect caption for these photos. Its a bridge i used to cross for the last year when going to school, but now the permanent one is finished and they are taking down the old one ◣ I do not get the point of removing it from both sides at once though -whats the poor guy standing in the middle going to do?◥ p.s. im feeling better to day, though im still woozy then i sit up too long...◢
Lisen: yes i loved how he was like: okay okay, i can just pose next to the bag then!
Sandra: i think im gonna try fitting him in the bag next time we are going anywhere
Kristi: so good to here that im not the only one who don't mind a mess ;)
Anne: Oh i hate that waiting around time! when i was waiting for my laptop i got the delivery company to give me an aprox. delivery time, so i was just leaving to get some things done when i saw the delivery truck pulling up! thank god i noticed!
Lea: Vi snakkede lige om det den anden dag: hvad er der egentlig sket med nabokaffen??
Karin: I have a love hate relationship with that couch because its sooo long and takes up so much space.
Lynn & Horst: there is nothing worse than a overly perfect portrait.
Emma: i often think his nose must be edible
Mieke&Willems: coffee has to be great tasting AND great looking!
Famapa & Sandra & Hanna: Thank you so much for the well-wishes!! They are helping!


lea said...

ja, det var det samme jeg tænkte. hvad skete der med nabokaffen? men det kan vi jo gøre noget ved.
:) god bedring

Maria said...

Krya på dig!!

great pics! but yeah, poor guy! ideed a weird way of removing it?!

I'm so gonna do my own sushi soon, thanks for inspiring me:) and the mango tip, sounds good!

Lisen said...

hahaha, the bridge! det är ett verkligt mysterium..!

emma said...

haha. OH NO! that guy! dont wanna be his wife and wait for him late at night with the cold cold supper...(erhm??) wondering...where is my hard working bridge-man?

Simone said...

Just found your blog vie unruly things... WOW. Love the design! Will come back!!