coffee and the paper

nothing better than coffee and the paper in the morning... I made a new bag! Rufus evidently thought he was the main event, but really i wanted to show you the grey bag behind him! its really big and has got a little mini-bag inside it..

> All: YES -i made all the sushi all by my self! i Always DO. -As Emma said you get so much more when you make it yourself and its super super easy! mmm.. if you want some tips-ask away, but i make pretty basic maki rolls!
> Hanna: Totally because of Crystal Castles! We love them very much -especially D! i actually think hes got this shirt both in white and black..
> Júlía: Just do it! sushi is so easy, and its a cliche, but you should be able to get a hold of fish in iceland:) The last Obama picture is such a beautiful moment! Don't you just know and love a moment like that? when you are together all quiet.
> Emma: Seriously i could eat sushi for weeks and weeks!
> Kaelina: Your comment was SO fantastic to read exactly because you could feeeeel the emotions and excitement! such a precious moment! Congratulations, what an extraordinary election to make your first!
> Kim: we have thought about adopting an old racing greyhound, because once they can't run the fastest, when they are maybe 4 years old, they are not worth much to the owner. we don't have much dog-racing in Denmark though and we would love to let Rufus race with other dogs for fun!
> Lisen: R is a booozer -always going for the beer instead of the sushi!
> Lottie: I really love the glass too, they are so pretty and short!
> Sopchan: Nothing better -especially a good weise beer!
> Maria: The good thing about sushi is that its so easy AND cheap -and you can cut the fish to save money and just do ones with avocado or mango and stuff!
> .girl ferment.: What a delicious tradition!


Hanna Åberg said...

oh så söt han är. ojojojoj

lisen said...

hahaha rufus is a handsome one! So funny that his facial expression is the same at both pics. hihihihi "Move? Pleeeaaase I can lay beside the bag ..just here..ok?"

sandra said...

wow you are an efficient woman! lovely bag, looks like rufus could live inside of it. he's such a poser :)

Anne said...

Ah rufus is ADORABLE & your new bag looks GREAT.
And yes, that looks a beautiful cup of coffee! I was housebound all day yesterday with no milk in the fridge and all I wanted was a latte but I didn't dare leaving since was waiting for DHL to show up...

lea said...

ahh both rufus and the bag looks great! the look on his face is priceless. when are the three of you coming for neighbour coffee? : )

karin said...

very aristocratic looking dog. And I adore your couch :)

emma said...

i luv that nose of rufus'!! :D so cute. like licourice! :)

mieke willems said...

really love the bag. and the coffee looks delicious!!