colour of nature

mexico >mexico shot is from the selby, which i love but haven't mentioned since i know you are all reading it all ready, right? so much personality!

> Maria: I can't wait to hear your facts!
> Tommy: I know it was so special to be wed by your father! such a special and personal speech!
> Lea: Jubiii, det var nogle gode facts!
> Famapa: I think the word verification might be stalking you! have you felt somebody following you around? im going to try to stay up late and get up early early to see some of the election fun
> Mieke Willems: WHY did we not know about koala cookies?? when have been looking around online and found this :) i will have to find some!
> Júlía: Oh how cool! i never knew they had black skin -seems sort of stupid -is there a scientific (or biological) reason for it??

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Júlía. said...

I think it's to keep them warm. They live on the North pole where it is extremely cold, so the drink in the little sun they get with their black skin!