the coolest bike in town

◣I've got the coolest bike in town but it only hangs out in my kitchen. it never goes anywhere. ◤ i have had i for several years now, but i've never gotten it fixed so i have never ridden it. how is that for stupid? ◢ i have a feeling it will soon move up to the attic instead of to the bike-fixer-guy.. ◤actually the weather as of lately has been anything but bike-ridable: wind, rain and cold! the worst◢ im writing this sitting in my sofa with a big blanket, but in half an hour i will have to get on my not so cool bike and go to work.◢
pssst! i've just had the chance to view the blog in internet explorer for the first time since i made the last changes, and see that they do not agree too well (they never really did). So for now i just thought i would say: I love all of you 25% who visits through ie, but this blog is best viewed in firefox!

Emma: SO gooo-go-go-go-go-go-goooood
Júlía: Yeah there are many contenders for cutest sweetest baby, but im pretty sure Ivan could win it!
Pigeon-toed: It is darn cute -it actually took me a while to figure out that he was looking over his shoulder!
notebookdoodles: yeah im thinking i gotta have that t-shirt! somedays you need some encouragement!


steph. said...

i've been riding in this weather too - not fun. :( will the grey-ness lift again before summer? or is this it for the next few months?

lisen said...

I love bikes inside.
Your's is cool!

Bettina Gjødvad said...

Jeg vidste det var en god ide da jeg valgte Firefox...:) God weekend...

Anne said...

ah! it's a super cool bike!!

I have a very uncool one at my parents house but i love riding it.

I'm a complete whimp when it comes to bike riding in London traffic though( I grew up in the country side & have never been able to ride a bike in town...even when I lived in Gothenburg I was too freaked out with all them cars to enjoy the trip)
and yes Firefox rules :)

ninja hanna said...

i love your blog. it's so pretty!