f r i d a y

◤ a t-shirt (from here) and some fall-cosiness to get you to the weekend -or in my case through the weekend since im going to work.◢ im also working today; on updating my website with some new photographs and graphics. when you are self-taught in the art of webdesign like i am, you need to find a day with lots of patience to do this, then it can be quite, well, cozy.◥

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lisen said...

Yesterday i HOPED today would be fine. But was did'nt....its gustavs 25'th birthday and he is sick and weel..the party is: NOT.


House is clean and buns are baked...we'll hope that the next saturday will be fine instead. :)

We're having a cosy calm day inside instead. Its nice to have hundreds of saffron buns and a clean home to look at ;)