◤im so bad at photographing myself. this is my newest try using photo booth at Ds mac. The two dresses i found in a secondhand shop in Malmö some time ago on sale! 75% off! i altered them a bit -shortened and tightened - and new sleeves on the first one. turned out pretty good.◥

Cindy: Thank you! the idea actually stems from a project i made in Subs! You have to share your mistakes! pleeeaaase! We eat at Bagom muggen when we were in Malmö last and it was really good coffee! -and food too!
Júlía: yeah i know! or rather: i have accepted over time! we often have the sort of same haircut so that helps too.
Lea: Thats all i want to doo! everyone should have a bed and a lap top at work so they could work from bed when its rainy and cold!
Neftos: Thank you so much! I wonder how fall looks in Portugal??
Lisen: Yes its so fascinating! the thing i find scary is the thought of some little me moving in and taking over my life from the miniature house! (Thanks for liking oh.! -send me a mistake!! its totally anonymous.. well i know who made the mistake, but its okay to use a different name :) )
Gracia, Louise and Karin: Such good suggestions! i would love one for trying out new interior design! as i wrote to Lisen -i think i would be scared that the mouse or the fish would take over my life and start changing things in my apartment.


Kaela said...

wow I love them so much! especially the orange one. do you study in malmö? i have a friend here in ny who studied abroad there last year. she had a very interesting few months and made me want to visit sometime.

Lisen said...


(var det i den lilla butiken vid davidshalls torg?)

(Hm, the word verification is DRESSES today, is that by mere accident or can you decide word??) :D

Famapa said...

ooooooooo, love love love the first one. v. jealous :)
so great that you can alter them anyway you wish too!

Anonymous said...

I like the orange one alot. Very 60´ties!

mado said...

Waow! Yours dresses are so so nice!! i love them. ; )

mieke willems said...

waw that first dress is just gorgeous! fantastic find!

pigeon.toed said...

these dresses are AMAZING finds...especially that rust colored one.

you are one LUCKY girl!