there are only two things i like about Halloween and that is skeletons and THIS SONG. (don't get me wrong, i love dressing up, but in Denmark we have another holiday for that)

> Famapa: you are too sweet! -and: I love that word!! Adykilit! i can't totally see the round, old lady screaming for her husband -as she does no matter the subject -she always screams for ADY! Kill it!
> Joanne + When skies... (+ emma): Ha, ha ha ! i so love your interpretation of the sign! "pleas don't shove your child in to the wild animal pit" :) :) it says "Don't crawl up!" and the weird weird animal with the strange strange hand is actually a baboon! -and Joanne; thank you for the tag! i will get on i!
> Louise: Jeg er lige nu på vej til zoo for at stjæle dig "find tiger" skiltet!
> Emma: Yeah we lived for about a year in reykjavik! i thought everything was expensive then, so i can't imagine how it is now! it would be great to go there with Danish kroner now though! We both loved it and definitely had to go back home again :) you do feel the isolation and it is definitely more fun if you have the money for a car and eating out and so on. I do miss it sometimes though!
> Bettina: Så godt at høre at du er der ude et sted :)


Anonymous said...

Jeg vidste, det var noget for dig på en eller anden måde. Kys

Bettina Gjødvad said...

Får aldrig nok af Rufus billeder:) savner den:)

joanne said...

haha wow i would have never guessed that was a baboon... those hands are otherworldly! and don't worry about having to live up to my post, i just over indulged in my assignment, that's all :P

hope you're having a great weekend!