homemade = wellmade

◢ I have been experimenting with home-made pizza a couple of times now and its been going really well!◤ i never dared to try before, because my ovens have been less than pizza-perfect.◥ But coupled with a pizza-stone i took the jump and yummy yummy yummy! ◢ its soo good and soo easy! ◤ so far my best tips are: if you have the time; prepare the dough the day before -but even if you don't have the time; Chill the dough in the fridge an hour or two before baking: makes it easier to handle. Pre-bake the crust on the hot hot pizza stone for at least 5 min. before adding tomatosause, lots of cheese and maybe some salami (don't open the oven for this period) Give the pizza enough time in the oven! let it get really golden and crispy! Add stuff like fresh basil, thyme, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rocket-salad(is that not the weirdest name in english?? in denmark we call it rucola).◥ Its such a good, quick and cheap dinner.◤ Other favourite toppings include thinly sliced parsnip or carrot or sweet potatoes.◢

Emma: You are welcome! -and welcome back! -and thank you for making such nice drawings!
Amy: thank you so much!
Hanna: :) tak!
Katrine: Tusind tak! jeg er så glad for at i kan lide det!
Joanne: Thank you so much! I will sure tell her! though she might have read it all ready!
Lea: Tusind tak! du skal se dem i virkeligheden! især LP'en er jeg glad for!
Maria: You are so sweet! thank you so much! the jellyfish are from the harbour in Malmö
Mieke Willems: Thank you so much! im so glad you like it and that you call them catchy!!
Kat G: Hvor er du sød -Tusind tak!


andrea tachezy said...

Your pizza looks very tasty!

steph. said...

rucola is a much more elegant word. rocket IS silly!

emma said...

omigod. just ate an orange. i thought i was full. maybe i am not. my stomach just told me something else. LIKE YUM?!?! :-9