◤maybe you peeped them under the sushi, but if not this is another great present -for both me and D from a good friend! i. just. love. them ◥ I wish i knew about them before our wedding so we could have put them on that list of wishes ◣ They are by ❛jeremyville❜ and we definitely need the two others you can get with gelati and cup cakes, but i also think we need more of these so we can hold a dinner party with animals vs. vegetables :) happy monday to all! ◢ psst: i added new possibilities for sharing or bookmarking ungt blod -try clicking ❝share ungt blod❞ in the sidebar◣

Lisen + Emma: Im so happy that i got it for him(/us :)) and he was so nice when i wrote him -and we got some cool stickers with the poster! of houses! i will show them when we find a place for them.


Hanna Åberg said...

haha! I dont eat animals but that plate made me laugh anyway :D

emma said...

haha, one could get cross-eyed and perplexed! WHAT SHALL I EAT THEN? HELP!
they are really nice!

Lisen said...

I like them! They are funny! hihi

I got stickers too, but I dont wanna use them!? ;)

We bought the houses on a "exclusive colourprint" to ourselves and for a wedding present to our friends too, its much smaller than the posters though. Really nice colours...! Have you seen that he made a new t-shirt now? Really nice! I wish he made shower curtains too, wouldnt that be great?! :D

louise said...

de er fantastiske! Hvis jeg skulle være med til sådan et dinnerparty, ville jeg være grøntsag. Altså dem der siger: spis dyrene. Hvem ville du være?

louise said...

They are the best plates ever!

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