m-m-more p-p-presents

◤this is just one of the presents i gave D for his birthday!◣ its a praying gorilla i believe and its perfectly drawn by Keith Shore who's work we were introduced to by sweet Cindy and her cool gallery KRETS in malmö. ◢

Karl-Edwin: Thank you so much for your sweet comment! do come back :)
Famapa: yeah, just lying there and people standing around finding you sweet and wonderful! -and yes! i now work full time for the word verification firm making up words. you should write them down! im trying to write you a story!
Lea: that very casual arm in pant style! i love it!
Sigrid: FANTASTISK! at høre dig her inde! du skulle have set ham!
Niller: DU har så ret! de har så meget stjålet den geometriske form som jeg så tydligt har opfundet! jeg sagsøger dem!
Joanne: it so is! because it comes from just being here!
Hanna: Exactly! you know the number and even from where in the world, but who are people?? i will do it! i just have to built up courage...
Mado: yes that picture could be the definition of a happy baby!


emma said...

awh keith....awh...krets! go-go-gooo- good.

notebookdoodles said...

that shirt is so cute!