more presents

◤This is another one of D's great presents! actually i bought this one on behalf of my sister, so i guess im congratulating myself on the good gift! It was actually Lisen who introduced me to Andreas Samuelsson some time ago and this poster is so perfect for D since he always asks me what shoes he should wear :) we haven't decided on a good place for it yet.. our walls are filling up rapidly!◢

Ashley: Thank you!
Lea: måske kan vi finde en aften i denne uge til noget kaffe!
Maria: Tak! i too think my father is very talented! and there is just no logic behind the taking down of that bridge
Lisen + Emma: im thinking of contacting some sort of bridge expert to find out why! i hope i got home allright and didn't have to spend the weekend there... poor hard-working bridge man!
Simone: Oh thank you so much! im so happy to hear you will be visiting!


lisen said...

oh, you bought it, how great! Doest'nt it suits you 2 perfect?! :D I love it myself but choosed ;) another one. Or...two...or three..hehe. Rufus seems to like it to!

emma said...

so nice. i've got the "vegetarian" one.. :) put it up yaoo! :D