oh oh obama

good luck voting!


Hanna Åberg said...

I hope they vote for the right man... I'm a bit worried.

K said...

Oh Hanna your not the only one who's hoping... for the past two elections I've been so distraught wondering how in the world Bush could have been elected not once but twice... in my own country.

Thanks for the Support Mette

Kaelína N. said...


'Twa sos exciting to vote this morning-- it's he first time I've been old enough to vote in a presidential election.

Unfortunately this morning I got a bad allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital! but luckily the place where I vote is right next to the hospital-- so as soon as I was released I walked next door and cast my obama vote. It felt good. :)

Now I am on nerves to find out that he definitely has it...OMG. I am so hoping for this.

(WHen you read this, we'll know!!!)