pretty perfect

◤this is pretty perfect◢

emma: how clever you are! its actually because he gets so wild with his arm movements that he can't sleep :)
Louise: Yeah, i thought i knew adorable, but i clearly didn't until i met him!
Lisen: You are so right! he really has no sensible use for those arms yet! -the bag is a little elastic too so it gets even bigger when you put heavy things in it!
Carolina: Thank you -we so are!
MuttiMutti: vi ved det! fik du billederne?
Maikki: and its not just that picture! he looks adorable all the time! and he is so photogenic! when we had a little photosession yesterday he kept his eyes on the camera all the time!
Hanna: :) i just have my super slim macbook air and then allllll my crap! so i can carry it everywhere!


Famapa said...

yep. that's perfect alright! how fun it would be to be small enough to just flop on the table like that.

hey! I got a proper word today (are you making the word verifications up now?)!

it's "booth". I love booth seats in restaurants. so cosy. and I hate that you can't find photo booths in england that take four individual photos anymore. sometimes progress is stupid.

lea said...

he looks so cute and cool at the same time : ) also liked his casual arms in pants style

Anonymous said...

Jeg overgiver mig! Til Ivan og nu også blok-kommentaren. Han er fantastisk fræk og helt perfekt. Sigrid

nilleren said...

gnags har tyv stjålet dine trekanter i bogstaver på deres nye plakat, jeg så den på vej til skole, først i stor på kongens nytorv og tænke hov det er jo naboen. siden i mindre på plakater over hele byen

joanne said...

aww, that little smile is the definition of happiness!

Hanna Åberg said...

answer on the "hello"-post:
Maybe you should do one! It did not turn out as I wanted it to since only 5% answered... I know how many they are but not WHO they are ;)

mado said...

Rhooo!!! This is a happy little baby!!

Júlía. said...

adorable smile award!

Anne said...

he is tooo cute!