s i s t e r

◤i took these photos of my sister when she was here last week. Im working on some stuff for her band that i can't wait to show you soon!◢
pssst: there is a new mistake over at Oh.

Steph.: Oh i don't know what to tell you! winter can be very beautiful and frosty/snowy here, but with all the climate changes i too am afraid tha it will be mostly grey grey grey
Lisen: i hope your day turned out all right! and that Gustavs feeling better! a nice clean house and freshly baked buns sounds pretty good.
Alice: It's D's record collection and it is really pretty and really impressive! i just wish it was as easy as plugging in the mp3 player..
Bettina: Godt! -og rigtig god weekend!
Anne: :) thats so sweet. It can be scary to bike in the city, but copenhagen has really great bike-paths so there is usually lots of room for it.
Ninja Hanna: Thank you so much! i hope you stop by again!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mette, you look like your sister too (or the other way around) espetially in picture number two.

asphaltandair said...

love that second shot!
she looks so happy!

Júlía. said...

she's just like you!