◤don't you just wish you could crawl back to bed and lay like this all day??◢ i want my bed to hug me!◤i don't want to leave it alone all day!◢ psst! there is another new mistake at oh.!

Brinja: I know, i know -i look like her!
Brita: Yes, and its all for free!
Diana: THANKS! i had to photograph the red bush because otherwise i would be afraid that i wouldn't believe myself that it was real!
Kristi: Thank you -im quite pleased with them too -and the wall behind her is so cool! that was a coincidence!
Mado: You need a dose of colour like that every day!
Steph: Yes im so happy! okay so its quite grey right now, but snow is fun... or is it just cold?? the first snow is fun!
Infing: yes, he could win a prize!


Cindy said...

ha ha! i just love the "oh!"-blog, maybe i'll share one of my many mistakes that i've made. mette you are great! i'm off to drink bad coffe with a friend, malmo lack of good coffe places thats not crowded or full with bad radio-music piercing your ears. many hugs!

lea said...

oh how i miss my bed too...i just want to sleep and eat chocolate these dark and rainy days