things and stuff and cold

◤ i have two lists in my head: ◣ one with the things i want to spend my time doing and one with things i have to, have to do. ◢ sometimes the two lists have several things in common -good times- and other times like now, there seem to be too little in common between the two lists. ◥ Well, its probably just a question of looking at things the right way -and stop procrastinating.. ( you know you are procrastinating when the things you are doing are not even on the first list -let alone the second ) ◢

Brinja: tusind tak! fedt at du kan lide det!
Andrea: Thank you -it really was so yummy! im getting hungry every time i see the picture!
Lisen: You are so sweet! thank you! im pretty proud of the cover :) i can't wait till the postman stops by!
Steph: so silly!! like they are trying to make it tough!
Emma: This pizza is designed so you will always get hungry when you look at it -no matter how much you have eaten before!


Tas-ka said...

I like the lay-out and the colors of your blog a lot! Very Nice!

Brita said...

I know! I have spent 3 days doing exactly what you have just described. It is the most frustrating and irritating feeling. At least you make excellent pizza..

Anonymous said...

I always seem do the two-list-thing too!
Maby we should just call them sometinhg else like: Things to do and evan more fun thing to do...

rebecca said...

du har en snygg blogg.