tykke niels

◤ D bought me these fantastic children-books from 1938 at a second-hand store the other day! They are from a series about Tykke Niels -which means FAT Niels. ◤(Not very pc -or maybe very pc??)◢ I love the cover illustrations -Niels does not look very fat though!- that were made by a danish actor Stig Lommer, but unfortunately there are no illustrations inside◥

Tas-ka: Thank you thank you so much! im a big fan you yours!
Brita: Glad im not the only one who's lists does not ad up!


emma said...

AH! haha, no he is NO FATTY?! they are very nice indeed, the covers. what a nice present.
-but he is SLIM! maybe it back then was the same word as "fet" like we now use for "awesome" you know? hehe, evidently an old expression... ;)

Maria said...

Very nice covers indeed! And what a great name:)

ninja hanna said...

whoa! they're amazing!

Kaela Noel said...

he's not fat at all! but i love the colors & the writing & the illustration- wow! is it ok if i link to it on my blog?? i'll give you credit. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, those are great! Thank you for a lovely blog :-)