◤im getting sick - again. damn you fall-illnesses taking over one after another. this time its the throat. winter in denmark should be setting in from next week with snow and sub-zero and i really don't want to be sick and weak for that. ◤I've made this jacket for Rufus so he wont freeze to death in the snow!◢

Lynn&horst: I will take a colour storm over rain and snow storm, thank you!
Brinja: You are very welcome! D was worried you would be insulted that i wrote i found the miniature house a little bit scary! i hope you understood that i think it's fantastic and its only a little bit scared that some mouse or doll would take over your life from the miniature world :) And you should have seen the orange one before the altering! soooo sixties!
Kaela: I think the orange one got some real eley kishiomoto in it! -And yes, i have been studying in malmö for a little over a year! its a great place and i like Sweden very much + its really easy to go there when you live in Copenhagen.
Lisen: Thanks -it was actually that big one called maybe Humana? or something? it was crazy that they had 75% off!! -and couldn't it be cool if i could decide the word verification?? what a coincidence!
Steph: you really should! its a great little place! Do you know the store Force of Nature in Birkegade? it really good too.
Famapa: Thanks! i almost never buy second hand anymore, because i don't think im gonna get them altered, but these two were great buys!


Hanna Åberg said...

oh, look at rufus! he's so handsome :)

lea said...

han ser meget fashionabel ud, god bedring mette!

lisen said...

hm, no ..I dont know about that store..maybe new? But..I have'nt been in in Malmö since this summer..

Love the jacket for Rufus! So good for you who can make one yourself! I'm not so good at sewing..