wow was wour weekwend?

◤this was mine! some good stuff, a little bad stuff, some general work-and-study-stuff and some really good cozy-laying-in-bed-watching-movies-stuff!◣ Today is the first sunday of advent and im a little homesick.◤ We used to kind of having the tradition to go home to my parents for this day and eat a lot of food and get a good start on December, but its really hard to keep it.◢ Im very lucky though, because my parents sent me care-package with marzipan, candles and a beautiful beautiful advent wreath my father made him self. ◥How bad a daughter am i that i have not yet photographed it so i can show it to you? i will soon! that and the beautiful advent star my parents gave me some years ago. its just like the one at my parents home◢

Famapa: Thanks, it was actually an emergency snack because i didn't have anything in the fridge for lunch :)
Lisen: Well, Rufus is actually pretty good about not stealing and waiting to eat treats till he gets the ok-order, but if he his hungry he is not to be trusted around food.
Lea: Yeah thats the thing when you don't have a dog around -you never know how many funny things are lying around.. :)
Sandra: Yeah its really pretty -once i hope to shoot him when he sticks his tongue all out. its pretty long..
Sylvester and Mama: You can tell on his ears that he is really focused! -Thank you for stopping by! im so glad you like it here!
Emma: The cutest dog in town!
Bettina: Jeg tror han tror han kan snuppe det fordi jeg sidder med kameraet :)


Anne said...

Glad Advent Mette!!
I know the feeling since all my family are together & I'm stuck in London on my own this weekend...
nice cake! impressive velveteen elephant!

lisen said...

Oh, how sweet of your parents!

looks like a great great weekend!

I had one too, and even if it didnt turn out the way it should had, I think it got even better! :D

lottie said...

your package sounds wonderful
advent isn't celebrated in the same way in the uk,
although i wish it was.

ashley said...

that sounds like the most lovely care package~ and the blueberry tart {?} looked so yummy!
am now craving a latte too...hmmm,
happy monday to you!

Anne said...

Hej Mette

Altid hyggeligt at kigge forbi din blog!
Har du mon været på Østerbro og købe kage hos Andersen?

Glædelig 1. december :o)

Venlig hilsen

PS.: er begyndt at bruge tumblr pga din anbefaling - det er alle tiders! Så tak for det :o)