✴ H A P P Y ✴ N E W ✴ Y E A R ✴

these two cool-cats -well dogs- were just too perfect to resist! Erin over at Design for Mankind made a photo shoot with her dogs and turned it into a calender! i just love this picture! ✴ HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! thank you for ALL of your great comments and thoughts through the last year! i can't believe that i have only been blogging for little under one year! - my anniversary is coming up in january - i will have to think of something fun to do - And i can't believe all the crazy things that have happend in 2008! like getting married!!! Tonight we are staying in with good food and good movies, just D and I (and rufus). Its our special way of celebrating new years and we love it! anyone who wants a quiet and cozy new years are welcome to join us! Here is to 2009!

cave people

we got the craziest, most fantastic gift from my parents! a skull cave! everyone should have one! when we first saw it in a store and fell in love with it, we imagined how great it would be for kids and for rufus, but we did not dear to hope that it was actually big enough to become the perfect reading cave! i want to stay in there all the time and its the perfect place to escape to! thank you!

Maria: The necklace is fantastic. one of my friends did not believe i had just gotten it, she thought i had always had it, because it suits me so perfectly!
Famapa: I did make a wish-list, but a lot of it is pure genius on the gift givers part: the dress, the book, the twig -actually only the necklace was on my list!
Brinja: Det var virkelig sjovt at opdage det på arbjede (mit job er at læse aviserne)! godt nytår!
Laura: Yeah, more places should have mint twigs!
Kristi: Im so glad that you also find the balloons magical -i keep thinking about them too! thanks for the sweet comments and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



i got some pretty amazing presents this christmas! here are some of them: a super nice Ole Henriksen body-scrub! Happy socks! -still to arrive though! a perfect Richard Colman book in really good quality and with some great sketches -super inspirational. An amazing Marjan Pejoski dress -he is the designer behind Björks amazing swan dress! flower-patterned silk personally brought home from a trip to Thailand by a little old lady we know! KÆP -a delicious mint green painted stick that symbolises "a break from the eternal hunt for happiness" and the too-good-to-be-true Tatty Devine moustache necklace ...tomorrow i will show you the biggest and craziest gift D and i got...

Karin: And you too!
B: det er fantastisk at være hjemme! godt nytår!
Sophie: oh thank you so much for your comment! i will definitely think of doing some DIY-guides! -tomorrow will probably be a sushi one- i often forget to document the process + i often just experiment with out a plan :) -both flag-line and pillows are really simple: just cut as many colourful triangles as you can -take some and zig-zag on to a clothing-line for example and take others and sew them together in rows, then sew the rows together and cut the ends of to make a square!
Katrine: jeg tror måske det er meget sigende for bloggere... Brinja var i Living tillæget i Jyllands Posten søndag! lang og flot artikel med rigtig gode billeder!
Luiy: And im so glad that you do!


h o m e

i am a home-person! I l o v e being at home! After an amazing christmas holiday with my family and D's it feels soooo good being home again! getting into my routine again. making a cappuccino, flicking through a paper and getting back to all of your blogs that i have missed during the holidays! settling in. i need my home time and my quiet time! its the best .....oh maybe except that when i sat down to drink my coffee after taking the picture, it tasted so bad -you know of tobacco, as coffee can, when its gone bad :( A cool thing is that the article you can almost see in the paper in the picture is about Brinja and her home and decorating style! really cool pictures!

christmas lights

the little lights of christmas. im trying to get my body and mind in to gear again. the christmas holiday was much needed and its hard to let it go again!

Sylvester and mama: GODT NyTÅR! jeres jul så også ret fantastisk ud!
Sandra: I will! -i think everybody in my family think of me when they see triangles too! luckily my sister loved the pillows! -and the matching flag-line i made for them!
Good morning terrorism: Good name youve got! thank you! i really like how the pillows turned out too!



here are some shots from my christmas present production, which i couldn't very well show before christmas :) we are home again and trying to unpack our holiday mess!



while visiting my parents my dad showed us a little left-over miracle from our summer-wedding: out of the almost 200 balloons, of which many caved in quickly under the burning sun during the party, two were left behind inside and are still lying in a window overlooking the garden. i find that sort of magical.

Fanny: merry christmas to you and bill and the cats! i love out christmastree -its just right! happy new year!
Lisen: Its been such a good holiday so far! -i have no time to comment anywhere but im sending out happy holiday-thoughts to everyone! So funny about Ninja-Hanna -i just recently found her blog. I like that the world is not such a big place after all! Ivan and his parents LOVED your poster! Happy new year!
Lea: Det var så hyggeligt at se jeres version af dinner-movie-walk temaet! Måske kan vi drikke en kop kaffe inden nytår?
Laura: I hope some of the franticness lead to some calm holiday moments! merry christmas
Steph: We keep returning to halifax -i really love their burgers! ...could go for one right now... GOD JUL og GODT NYTÅR!
Stefanie: I will definately make a little home-made-sushi-guide! maybe for new years eve! -and real christmas candles are the only right thing as far as im concerned!
Emma: Hope your christmas was wonderful too! it felt so good to indulge in the christmas mood for just a week instead of a whole month! i think i will have the same strategy next year! Happy new year!
Famapa: Yeah i really like vicky christina barcelona! everytime i think of it that the opening song plays automatic in my head! "barcelooonaaa..." merry christmas and happy new year!
Sasha: I was some how a good match for the movie! even if a paella may seem more appropriate :)
Sopchan: merry, merry christmas! i hope you found some relieve over the holiday. and im glad if my little blog can be a breathing space!
Stride: Glæderlig jul -og godt nytår!
Kiwitz: Thank you so much -it took some time to gather all those pictures, but its always fun to look back!
Sylvia Park: Thank you so much! i actually did not know what Kimbap meant but from a google-picture search it looks like you are right :)
Hello Sparrow: :) that so funny -i can see what you mean!
Maria: glædelig jul og godt nytår! actually the first christmas hello was from my parents summer-house! it such a wonderful place in the middle of nowhere AND very important, with a fireplace! i love that!
Pappi: Jubiii -pappi-kommentar!
B: Tak for i går! det var rigtig hyggeligt!


christmas eve

such a wonderful christmas! food, people, traditions and presents! wow. hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday too! i will have to show you all of my many incredible gifts later!


christmas hello

a little christmas hello with some of all the joy. In Denmark christmas eve is the big thing, and i can't wait! Merry Christmas to all you sweet commentors! i will reply to everyone a little later.



Im going into christmas-mode today. It has felt GREAT to ignore december so far and it feels just as GREAT to get in to the christmas mood now! -but it also means busy busy busy and that i probably won't update every day. i will check in again before christmas, but to all of you who won't; a merry merry christmas to all! G L Æ D E L I G J U L

dinner and a movie and a walk

last night was dinner (the best burgers and fries and aïoli and a christmas wheat-brew) and a movie (vicky christina barcelona) and a walk (approximately 45 min). it was perfect.

Laura: thanks! i turned in two major assignments in the last two weeks, so in january the judgement will come!
Emma: the final exams are in january -and then after that mores studies in DK -but i will no longer be going twice a week. i think i will keep visiting though. its a nice place to go!
pamplemousse: Well its almost hard to answer that question: i am finishing a semester in project management, but my major is rhetoric which i study in Denmark -next fall i will probably take a my masters in digital design and communications -and i have also studied semesters in typography and graphic design and subculture studies. So its quite a mix!
Fanny: he is the most photogenic part of my life :)