cave people

we got the craziest, most fantastic gift from my parents! a skull cave! everyone should have one! when we first saw it in a store and fell in love with it, we imagined how great it would be for kids and for rufus, but we did not dear to hope that it was actually big enough to become the perfect reading cave! i want to stay in there all the time and its the perfect place to escape to! thank you!

Maria: The necklace is fantastic. one of my friends did not believe i had just gotten it, she thought i had always had it, because it suits me so perfectly!
Famapa: I did make a wish-list, but a lot of it is pure genius on the gift givers part: the dress, the book, the twig -actually only the necklace was on my list!
Brinja: Det var virkelig sjovt at opdage det på arbjede (mit job er at læse aviserne)! godt nytår!
Laura: Yeah, more places should have mint twigs!
Kristi: Im so glad that you also find the balloons magical -i keep thinking about them too! thanks for the sweet comments and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Lena said...

The cave is great! I know my 3-year old would love one! And me too... Happy New Year!

Hanna Åberg said...

wow! it looks sooo mette :)

lea said...

lovely cave and yes it's so mette. can visitors try it too?

emma said...

HAHAHA! I LOVE IT! IT's a CRAZY FINE gift. I love your parents! :) Cheers.

STEFANIE said...

AAH this looks so cosy!!
And happy new year! ^-^

lisen said...

its fantastic, I've dreamt about it many times! So nice present! :D HAppy new year!

Júlía. said...

Haha amazing. Your parents are very inventive, I have to say! :)

Maria said...

it must be amazing to be there inside!! and it looks so great too:)) lucky you!