it seems to be so dark these days that you can hardly get any light photos. its so easy miss the few hours of light. Actually im fine with it. darkness is not a bad thing.

Lisen: They are actually from ikea a few years back! i like them alot too!
Em: D and i could not figure out what cakes you were talking about until we realized it had to be the chocolates with sprinkles hanging in the window, right? they are pretty good -actually they are more pretty than good (tasty)
Maria: Lights are such a big part of decorations. the best part.
Alice: Hej Alice! Thank you for the sweet comment! i like your blog too! one can surely get ones heart broken in copenhagen. oops almost forgot about the duck! do you mean the one on my tumblr? i found it at fffffound -the picture should link to the source
Kristina: Hej med dig og tak for de søde ord! jeg tænker at børn kan hjælpe med at få mig i julestemning igen. Det hjælper altid at se nogen der synes det er fantastisk!
Louise: Det er en af de bedste komplimenter jeg har fået længe -altså den med sylvester stallone! hvordan går det? hvornår skal vi holde møde igen??


emma said...

haha yes i thought it was a CAKE! ok, its chocolate. i see. but still. so nice! :)

this looks cosy as well. really really cosy ina di evening.

Alice said...

oh ok, well i got the chance to see the giant duck for real !! i was even part of the team who was in charge of commenting it to visitors, in an art centre in France.
it was there 3 days, before it got burst... how sad..