dinner and a movie and a walk

last night was dinner (the best burgers and fries and aïoli and a christmas wheat-brew) and a movie (vicky christina barcelona) and a walk (approximately 45 min). it was perfect.

Laura: thanks! i turned in two major assignments in the last two weeks, so in january the judgement will come!
Emma: the final exams are in january -and then after that mores studies in DK -but i will no longer be going twice a week. i think i will keep visiting though. its a nice place to go!
pamplemousse: Well its almost hard to answer that question: i am finishing a semester in project management, but my major is rhetoric which i study in Denmark -next fall i will probably take a my masters in digital design and communications -and i have also studied semesters in typography and graphic design and subculture studies. So its quite a mix!
Fanny: he is the most photogenic part of my life :)


steph. said...

mmmmm halifax! i went there for the first time last week... SO good! god jul!!

SASHA said...

mmmm. sounds perfect. and similar to when i saw that movie (burgers & wheat beer, too).

hellosparrow said...

i feel like a tiny bug looking at these photos! merry xmas, mette!

(oh, by the way i moved my blog, to: