lately i have been thinking a lot about how the elbow is the most evil and meanest part of the body! okay, okay, so it is good the you can bend your arm, but other than that! the elbow is not useful for anything good and all you get from it is evil pokes and pain!

Laura: Yeah she does really nice work!
Stefanie: They were! very christmassy!
Niller: lucky, lucky, lucky! have you met any of the new people in the house?
Lea: But thats just because the soya is SO BIG! i love big bottles like that! have you seen the big olive oil in Rema1000? I like the idea of giving back some of what you have borrowed through the year!
Fanny: I wish we could dog-sit for somebody! it would be so funny to see rufus with another dog at home!
Sopchan: Yep, that is the king allright!
Myszy: :) we have been thinking about giving the guy above us soft slippers and headphones!!
Gracia: I have never had sweet neighbours like this before either. it feels good!
Maria: Yeah i love having nice neighbours! it feel so good to have good people just across the hall!
Mado: Yes they are! you should check out more of Leas stuff! cute animals too!


Bettina Gjødvad said...

Det værste i verden er albuestød... så er helt med på din "teori" hvad sker der med en albue, hvorfor???
Kram fra B

em said...

haha, sure is.
how it hurts when you hit the part of your elbow that makes it feel like electricity!??!!!
hate that.

but with some help from the elbow one can make funny dancemoves..? horseriding gets easier...? :)

Nazara said...

thanks for your comment, I have to pay attention to my blog some day and actualize it.

i visit yours every day, its great!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally agree, elbows can indeed be the cause of much icky pain... BUT!
without them, how could we do elbow stands, link arms, read whilst lying with our tummies on the grass, rest our chin on our hand, put our head in our hands or or prop up the bar??! and lockin (style of dance and root of much happy grinning) would be nigh on impossible

show elbows some love! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and when you hit the funny bone on your elbow, it feels so wierd!
Hope your monday is good!
: )

lea said...

yes hurting the elbow feels so strange and extremely unpleasant. i must go check out that olive oil in rema. big bottles are good. i haven't said hello to any of the new people (okay i made it sound like "the others" - LOST series fashion) and what happened to the christmas party??

sopchan said...

oh, i didn't mean to be anonymous in my support of the elbow!

Alice said...

haha what a funny post :D
it's because of this yellow Ulnar nerve :-S it's not the elbow's fault !!
would you prefer to have a Playmobil/Lego arm ? ;D