h o m e

i am a home-person! I l o v e being at home! After an amazing christmas holiday with my family and D's it feels soooo good being home again! getting into my routine again. making a cappuccino, flicking through a paper and getting back to all of your blogs that i have missed during the holidays! settling in. i need my home time and my quiet time! its the best .....oh maybe except that when i sat down to drink my coffee after taking the picture, it tasted so bad -you know of tobacco, as coffee can, when its gone bad :( A cool thing is that the article you can almost see in the paper in the picture is about Brinja and her home and decorating style! really cool pictures!


B said...

Jeg ved lige hvad du mener, jeg EEELLSKER at være hjemme igen, en masse sterinlys og dejlig kaffe, og måske en lille kage:) Rigtig godt nytår glæder mig til at se jer igen i det nye år, min kære familie:)

Katrine Ny said...

Jeg har det på nøjagtig samme måde! Det var skønt at se familien, men søreme også skønt at være tilbage i eget hjem igen med den daglige hygge og små gøremål. :)
Hvad er det for et blad, Brinja er i?

luyi said...

i'm a home person too.

i love being at home and watch your blog.


Anonymous said...

Ihh hvor jeg dog også bare elsker at være hjemme. Tak for den fine omtale, jeg glæder mig meget til at komme hjem og se avisen!
Rigtig godt nytår.

emma said...

i'm exactly the same. love being at home. looks cosy and sweet right there at that moment. :9