its a bit of a cold and gloomy day today. i have lots of work to do, but i also have things to get out the way before i can begin. Im looking crazy forward to christmas vacation. im gonna read some good books! probably swedish criminal novels.

Emma and pigeon toed: cute indeed!
Laura: that is so perfect! looking forward to reading your blog! and thank you so much for finally saying hi!
Ana: oh thank you so much for your sweet comment! your blog looks really good! so glad to hear from you!
Alice: how cool! i would love to have seen it in real life!
Shell: Thanks for the sweet comment. im so sad to hear that a koala is not a bear. then why do they call them koala bears?? they are the best any way!


Mettch said...

aww.. those big, brown eyes.. impossible not to adore..

Sarah Carlson said...

Dis you know there is atually an American cookie-cake-y thing called a whippet? Try this link out for size:,TopRight,0,0_AA280_SH20_.jpg

joanne said...

i am looking crazy forward to winter break as well! it's really gloomy to see all the students crammed in the library, studying hours on end for their exams. i try to avoid that by staying home or going to a cafe :P your plan sounds fantastic too!

rufus looks like he needs a hug. it's a shame i can't hug him over the internet! maybe tell him that my dog says hi. hope that cheers him up haha :P