while visiting my parents my dad showed us a little left-over miracle from our summer-wedding: out of the almost 200 balloons, of which many caved in quickly under the burning sun during the party, two were left behind inside and are still lying in a window overlooking the garden. i find that sort of magical.

Fanny: merry christmas to you and bill and the cats! i love out christmastree -its just right! happy new year!
Lisen: Its been such a good holiday so far! -i have no time to comment anywhere but im sending out happy holiday-thoughts to everyone! So funny about Ninja-Hanna -i just recently found her blog. I like that the world is not such a big place after all! Ivan and his parents LOVED your poster! Happy new year!
Lea: Det var så hyggeligt at se jeres version af dinner-movie-walk temaet! Måske kan vi drikke en kop kaffe inden nytår?
Laura: I hope some of the franticness lead to some calm holiday moments! merry christmas
Steph: We keep returning to halifax -i really love their burgers! ...could go for one right now... GOD JUL og GODT NYTÅR!
Stefanie: I will definately make a little home-made-sushi-guide! maybe for new years eve! -and real christmas candles are the only right thing as far as im concerned!
Emma: Hope your christmas was wonderful too! it felt so good to indulge in the christmas mood for just a week instead of a whole month! i think i will have the same strategy next year! Happy new year!
Famapa: Yeah i really like vicky christina barcelona! everytime i think of it that the opening song plays automatic in my head! "barcelooonaaa..." merry christmas and happy new year!
Sasha: I was some how a good match for the movie! even if a paella may seem more appropriate :)
Sopchan: merry, merry christmas! i hope you found some relieve over the holiday. and im glad if my little blog can be a breathing space!
Stride: Glæderlig jul -og godt nytår!
Kiwitz: Thank you so much -it took some time to gather all those pictures, but its always fun to look back!
Sylvia Park: Thank you so much! i actually did not know what Kimbap meant but from a google-picture search it looks like you are right :)
Hello Sparrow: :) that so funny -i can see what you mean!
Maria: glædelig jul og godt nytår! actually the first christmas hello was from my parents summer-house! it such a wonderful place in the middle of nowhere AND very important, with a fireplace! i love that!
Pappi: Jubiii -pappi-kommentar!
B: Tak for i går! det var rigtig hyggeligt!


Alessandro said...

So nice of your dad to have kept them!

Maria said...

That's so cute!

asphaltandair said...

i have thought about these two balloons many, many times since reading this post.
it's true.
it's simply magical.
keep the magic alive....