merry christmas malmö

my time studying in malmö is almost over and i will only be going across øresund a few times in january. I will miss it but at the same time i will be good to focus more on copenhagen and being split between two cities like that. this was a little walk i took while waiting for my train back home.

Hanna: You are welcome!
Katrine: I love that picture too. it was such a hot summer day and we were just happy and a little hungover (some more than others) -and yes, he did accept the fries and burger offer! Hjørnegrillen i silkeborg er stedet!
Mieke&Willems: Thank you! the photos from your store look so lovely! i want to go there :)
Steph: That is the sweetest comment ever! you are so sweet! And yes im so proud that my sister's album has gotten such great reviews!
Roberta: Thanks -Rufus is the best! italians are really cute too! so small!


Laura said...

Good luck with the end of your studies!

I love passenger trains. They are not as common here in the states. I did get to take one deep into the Canadian wilderness a couple of years ago, and your photo reminded me of that happy time.

Thanks for tagging me! I have put mine up..

e said...

grattis till.... examen??

i remember going between these countries but malmö-copenhagen ... and only for like... a few times a year. like your photos. hope you can/will go there quickly when you miss it later on...

pamplemousse said...

what are you studying?