paper skeletons

I found these amazing paper cuts over at BibliOdyssey! wow! i love these little stories about cool skeletons getting married, starting bands and.. going to funerals drunk!

Mettch: they really are. when he was a puppy the were light grey! it looked crazy but beautiful!
Sarah: Ha ha, and they look nothing like whippets! how funny!
Joanne: I will tell him! he gets that look if there is something he isn't allowed to :) Studying at a café is a good idea! you can forget what you are doing.


Anonymous said...

I love these!
They are day of the dead right?

Júlía. said...

it looks mexican! :)

lea said...

i don't understand how it's possible to make paper cuts like that - astonishing! oh and thanks for the sweet neighbour gift : )