◤i love these photographs by Ellyy. so simple! ◣ and i love chicken with cous cous and something mixed together of carrots, root beefs, ginger and coconut milk.◢

Hanna: I totally know what you mean!
Svanna: Hvor er du sød! glædelig glædelig jul til dig også! håber ikke travlheden bliver ved hele december! (for os begge to!) knus!
Lisen: Yes Sigrid always find the best flea-things! -just like you!
Lynn&Horst: Every one should have a kitten...
Stride: Ja, der er mange ting hjemme ved hende som jeg kunne fotografere! jeg må vende tilbage!
Mieke Willems: I know, i have discovered new things looking at the pictures that i didn't even see when im there!
Lea: It so easy to get jealous!
Anne: Thats for sure
Júlía: a: YES! b: YES! c: YES! (though i never really drink tea...)
Fenke: Yeah me too!
Sylvester and mama: you are very welcome! i like seeing "real" homes too -lots of personality!
Neftos: I know there are so many colours in her home! overwhelming!
Sandra: Rufus sighed of relief and curled into a little kringla on the bed! :)
Sopchan: Thank you! our places is perhaps a little less colourful -but personality is the important part in both sigrids and my place.


when skies are grey said...

I had loved that set of photos as well, so pretty.
Your food looks so yummy!
Hope you are doing well and have a great weekend :)

Katrine Ny said...

Wow, I like those pics too. It reminds of a city skyline view. Especially in the third one the cactusses (do you really say that??) look like skyscrapers! Great!

Alice said...

oh i love these cactus !!!

Anonymous said...

food looks lovely!!