puppy love

◣ sometimes you need a little puppy love to get through the day! ◢ the first one is a drawing by the talented Hanna, which should be turned in to a wallpaper if you ask me. ◥ And the second one is, of course, rufus when he was just a little kid.◤

Carolina: i do love the trip across the bridge -but the rest of the journey is not nearly as pretty.
Steph: ha, ha, it is a really strange concept to study in another country than where you live! I haven't thought of it from the australian concept where everything is so far apart!
Veja Cecilia: Glad you like them!
Mettch: yeah, i don't understand why they don't already live with me!
Sylvester and mama: You are very welcome! glad you like them.


Anonymous said...

Kan det virkelig være Rufus? Det er virkelig længe siden. Savner jer alle 3 og glæder mig til JULEBESØG

Katrine Ny said...

Årh such a cute tiny little Rufus!
Hvor gammel er han? Altså nu.

Katrine Ny said...

Forresten, er det din søster, der er med i det dér "Min funky familie"? :)

lisen said...

Men ÅÅÅH! så liten och ..trubbig! :D
My friends friend have a whippet who had puppies, and when I saw them I could'nt belive it was whippets at all!? When do the start to get the "whippet-look"?

Talked about the time when stina was a baby yester day actually..she laid in the windowsills (deep) and slept. Crazy how they grow. You almost forget..

Hanna Åberg said...

oh, wow! thanks mette! :D

and rufus is adorable. I thought he was really cute as an adult but this... It makes me wanna tuck him in a little bed made of silk and feed him strawberries, haha

Schanett said...

I agree absolutely!! hanna has do make a wallpaper with all these lovely dogs! it's so wonderful!

Stride said...

Hvor er det en lækker hund I har, jeg er så forelsket i ham:-)
Min kæreste og jeg overvejer at få hund, men kan ikke rigtig finde ud af, om vi har tid. Har du nogensinde dårlig samvittig ang Rufus, er han ofte alene hjemme?

Caro TheJunction said...

Cuuute love that puppy Rufus!

David said...

I love it, youre blog is really fresh!

Maria said...

oh MY, rufus looks soooo cute!!!! <3

Hannas dogs are supercool!

Anonymous said...

lovely - yes puppy love is sometimes needed (especially when it just rains and rains like today!)

Anonymous said...

very cute indeed!

Anne said...

Rufus has just killed with cuteness
...and yes, that wouldmake a FABULOUS

Isabelle said...

åh ja hanna är fantastisk <3