i have to make this trip across øresund one too many times this week.. a lot of work lies ahead!

Anne: Tak, and to you too! we have to find a way of being with our family from far away!
Lisen: They are so sweet! i think weekends are the best when they are a little out of your control!
Lottie: I was wondering how it is with advent other places! i had a feeling that it was very much so a Scandinavian -and maybe german- thing. I guess its varies with in Denmark too.
Ashley: Im here to start cravings! good coffee and good cake is the best! im getting a craving too!
Anne (Yoroyoron): Hyggeligt at høre fra dig! godt at du kigger forbi -det gør jeg også på din blog :) D har lige præcis været hos Andersen og købt fantastiske blåbærtærter! godt set!


Carolina said...

At least it looks nice a nice trip ;)

steph. said...

that is an amazing picture of the sky... it is like that here so much lately. grey and black and then little bits of blue, if you're lucky!

i have a friend in my class who does the opposite commute: malmo to here... it is such a crazy concept for me to get my head around, that you can live in one country and go to university in another! in australia you can't even live in one CITY and go to university in another, let alone travel internationally for it!!

oh and ps rufus is SO CUTE in those photos below!! he is so inquisitive!